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5 out of the 6 schools attended the schools conference with a total of 43 children and young people, including the compere.

They decided on 5 top priorites for Horfield which were:

  1. Cleanliness

  2. Places to meet Friends & Parks

  3. Crime

  4. Air Quality

  5. Housing/ Homelessness


The projects that the schools designed to tackle these priorities are:

  1. Operation No More Dog Poo – Filton Avenue Primary (Orchard)

  2. Litter run – Filton Avenue Primary (Lockleaze Road)

  3. Project Team Clean – Upper Horfield Community School

  4. Youth Café - Orchard School Bristol

  5. Be Fine On Line – Filton Avenue Primary (Lockleaze Road)

  6. Operation Wild it – Horfield CofE Primary

  7. Helping the Homeless – Orchard School Bristol

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