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Operation No More Dog Mess

The children of Filton Avenue Primary School's (Orchard Campus) school council took part in a mission to clean up Horfield, which they called 'Operation No More Dog Mess.'

Click on the thumbnails to see more posters.

"This initiative followed a Love Horfield questionnaire taken by the children in the school that demonstrated the local dog mess was something that needed to be addressed. It was decided that we would have a whole school competition to design posters that encouraged dog owners to clean up after their dogs. The idea behind stemmed from a group discussion with Bristol Council representative and a member of Bristol Waste. The feedback on the idea was positive and the children's enthusiasm has kept the mission on track. We were told that if dog owners saw a poster designed by children in the local community they would be more likely to clean up after it.

As well as this competition we have arranged to go into the local community highlighting any dog mess for all to see, using specialised spray paint (given to us by the local authority). On top of this we will also be displaying the posters around agreed areas such as, parks, residential zones, vets and supermarkets. We will follow up in term 1 of next year on another highlighting trip where we are hoping to see less episodes of dog mess. I would like to thank all of the school councillors for their admirable enthusasim and passion for the project, all of the children who took part in the design competition and the members of Bristol Waste and the local council for their support."

Amazing initiative from Filton Avenue Primary school children. We look forward to many more Love Horfield ventures from the school as we all get stuck into making our community an EVEN BETTER place to live, work, study and play.

Look out for these posters appearing around Horfield very soon!!


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