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Love Horfield Community Conference

The very first Love Horfield Community Conference was held on the 3rd May 2018 hosted by Upper Horfield Community Trust and it was great to see so many new faces!

Horfield Church of England Primary School Council gave a fantastic presentation of Operation Wild It! with the support of their Community Champions Anna George and Mary Clark and school staff. Filton Avenue Primary (Orchard campus) School Council followed this with an equally slick presentation of Operation No More Dog Poo, helped by their Community Champion, Chin Hui Tan and their teacher, Mr Hayle.

Jayne Whittlestone talked about the Helping the Homeless project that United Communities are working with Orchard School Bristol to make happen. The police also attended to give an overview of the project designed by Filton Avenue (Lockleaze Road campus) – Be Fine On Line.

Unfortunately due to the timing of SATS tests not all of the schools were able to make it so information of the other projects, including Project Team Clean and the Youth Café, was shared, magnificently assisted by Christina Ennion, a Brownie from the 158th Bristol unit, based in Horfield. It was exciting to find out that Filton Avenue Primary (Lockleaze Road campus) have already carried out their first Litter Run, collecting a bag of mixed waste from the shared footpath/ cycleway up to Bonnington Walk.

We are looking for Community Champions to help the School Councils deliver these projects, so if you are interested in the projects or would simply like to help children and young people improve their local area then please contact

Councillor Claire Hiscott and Olly Mead presented three projects to the conference which prioritised them in order of importance:

1. Re-surfacing the children’s playground outside Horfield Leisure Centre

2. Traffic calming measures on the residential roads between Filton Road and Filton Avenue

3. Installing a Multi-Use Games Area near Horfield Leisure Centre

These were based on issues raised in the January 2018 Love Horfield Survey and previous priorities from the Neighbourhood Partnership plan. The Councillors will take these forward to an Area Committee (Horfield is grouped together with Redland, Cotham, Bishopston, Henbury and Southmead) to bid for CIL and s106 funding against projects from other areas of the city. For more information about this please contact or and watch this space to see if they were successful!

If you want to receive updates of what is going on in Horfield, please sign up to the Love Horfield email list on .

Thank you to the Love Horfield Team who helped make this all happen: Ebenezer Church, United Communities, Bristol Ageing Better, Councillor Claire Hiscott, Councillor Olly Mead, Horfield Leisure Centre, Upper Horfield Community Trust, Manor Farm Community Hub, Horfield Youth Club, Tutor Doctor, your Neighbourhood Police team, local residents and all your local schools.

Caroline Hollies has been one of the main driving forces behind this project and says,

“I am finishing my work in Horfield at the end of May so this will be the last update from me. I have really enjoyed building the Love Horfield team to trial this exciting new way of delivering democracy and influencing through the young people in the ward. So good luck with making these projects happen in the future and goodbye!”

Our four councillors Claire Hiscott, Gill Kirk, Olly Mead and Estella Tincknell say, "We would like to thank our amazing Neighbourhood Partnership coordinator Caroline Hollies for all her hard work and dedication in bringing a diverse range of community groups and individuals together across the two wards of Horfield and Lockleaze to achieve great things locally.  She has been the glue that sticks everything together and will be greatly missed."

Anna George of Manor Farm Community Hub adds, “ Caroline’s helpfulness and efficiency in interfacing between BCC and the local community will be sorely missed and how will we manage without  her to call upon !”

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